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CAHI at the Interdisciplinary Summer School: “Social Sciences Meet Health Care” Dresden University o

CAHI’s Academic Director, Professor Andrea Prado, participated in the “Social Sciences Meet Health Care: Inclusive Innovation in Health Care” workshop during the Interdisciplinary Summer School organized by the Dresden University of Technology in Germany, September 21-27, 2014. Professor Prado shared CAHI’s research initiatives on how inclusive innovations could provide better health to populations at the base of the pyramid.

The event was for faculty members and PhD students working on healthcare research projects. The projects presented by the participants were targeted towards improving healthcare access and quality. Professor Prado shared preliminary findings from the research project “Developing Demand-Side Innovations for Low-Income Countries: The Role of the Cultural Broker” co-authored with CAHI’s research assistant, Amanda Segovia.

Andrea was invited as a Guest Speaker and as a coordinator for a working group. Her presentation topic was “Innovative business models and m-health technologies for low-income countries” and her working group was called “Business challenges for providing healthcare at the base of the pyramid in low-income countries.”

The event had 27 participants from different countries around the globe, including European countries, USA, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, New Zealand and Costa Rica. Prado was the only attendee from a Latin American country. All the attendees presented their research projects and worked in group sessions to discuss the different presentation topics.

Prado’s participation in this event contributes to CAHI’s research goals and helped establish academic relationships with other professionals interested in improving healthcare access. Andrea’s presentation helped to disseminate initiatives developed in low-income countries like those of Central America. Participation in these events also allows a knowledge exchange among professionals working on similar topics but in different contexts, broadening horizons to explore solutions to healthcare access challenges.

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