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Harry Strachan Chair for Philanthropy and Social Investment 

In January 2013 a group of investors led by philanthropist Harry W. Strachan created an endowment fund with the sole purpose of financing a Research Program centered in Social Investment and Philanthropy in Central America. The two main objectives of the Program are: 


  1. Develop modules (cases, teaching notes) for the MBA, AMP, and Special Seminars to teach how to do this effectively.    

  2. Inspire leaders and family groups to be active in social investments and create a culture that encourages philanthropy. 


The Social Investment & Philanthropy Program is visualized as a ten year program (at minimum). There is a specific three year plan with a named dedicated faculty. An Advisory Committee will help proving strategic direction and support. An innovative endowment plan will ensure a steady annual cash flow and hopefully superior yields on the principal.

Central American Healthcare Initiative (CAHI)

CAHI was formed with the support of The Robert and Elizabeth Jeffe Foundation to seek high-quality, cost-effective solutions to provide healthcare for all through enhanced management and use of technology. Alliances with NYU and Stanford led The Jeffe Foundation to Central America, home to many of the greatest health challenges in the Western Hemisphere.


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